Florence Pugh interview: Midsommar

“My dad tells me to remember to keep smelling the roses and he forces me to appreciate everything so far. I was very lucky at the beginning and you need those opportunities to prove yourself.”

Following on from her cinematic success over the last couple of years, British starlet Florence Pugh chats about choosing roles, learning from her established co-stars, and tackling her first horror lead as part of Ari Aster’sĀ Midsommar


Q: What do you think is behind this new wave of horror films that has transformed the genre in so many ways and which audiences are flocking to see?

PUGH: A big part of the attraction is that directors are using family situations and personal relationships as a way of getting audiences to invest more deeply in the characters and being able to identify with a lot of the issues they’re facing.

Q: Do you have a career strategy at this early stage of things or do you rely on instinct when it comes to choosing roles?

PUGH: I like being open to everything. I still feel like I’m just at the beginning of everything and it’s all very exciting and new. I love the unpredictable side of it all.

Q: Is there a type of female character that you’re particularly drawn to playing?

PUGH: Not really. The main thing I look for in a role is that it should be different from what I’ve done before and that I should feel inspired in some way. I don’t care whether the women I play are necessarily good or bad as long as there is something distinctive and remarkable about them. I like exploring characters that have an edge to them because I love the excitement that comes from playing someone who gets me to push my limits.

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