Jodie Comer interview: Killing Eve

“Suddenly I’m getting a lot of scripts and being asked to meet producers and other people in the industry who are talking about future projects. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in that position.”

The recent BAFTA-winner and star of Killing Eve chats about the show’s cultural impact, as well as working with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Sandra Oh on the unique female-driven project…


Q: Jodie, with the popularity of Killing Eve, do you find yourself getting odd looks in the street?

COMER: Not really, no. I don’t get a lot of reactions on the street – it’s pretty normal and I can walk around unnoticed…Sometimes I will notice someone staring briefly but that’s about it.

Q: Do you think Season 3 will be able to build on the incredible interest that the first seasons generated?

COMER: I think so. There’s more pressure on us, too. I think once you’ve built up a following there’s going to be even higher expectations. But that also inspires you and you want to make sure you don’t disappoint audiences.

Q: You’ve been cast in some very difficult roles in the past such as the kidnapped girl in Thirteen and as the “other woman” in Doctor Foster and now as a ruthless hired killer in Killing Eve. How does a nice girl from Liverpool come to play such extreme characters?

COMER: [Smiles] I don’t know! I do know that I’m attracted to unusual stories because I’m interested in exploring extreme emotions. In the case of Villanelle, I had never before had the chance to play a woman with both a dark side and this other brilliant and dynamic side

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