Naomi Scott interview: Aladdin

“It’s important to present Jasmine as a strong, clever, yet feminine character…I think it is so cool for little girls to be watching me play her and think, ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense. Jasmine deserves to be the leader.”¬†

Having been chosen to front the live-action remake of Disney’s classic Aladdin, Naomi Scott chats about her vision for a more progressive female voice on-screen and combining her love of acting and music…


Q: Naomi, you have a parallel career as a singer, so what was it like for you to be able to showcase your voice in a musical like Aladdin?

SCOTT: Of course, I love singing. I think the challenge in terms of the singing was being able to sing as a character in a very different style from my own music and the way I naturally use my own voice.

I also sung live a lot during the whole movie which was another challenge. But I thrived on that… I was the one who was saying, ‘Look guys, why don’t we do some of this live because for me it feels more connected and more in the moment.

Q: It also sends out a powerful message to young women, especially in the era of the #MeToo movement, don’t you think?

SCOTT: Oh, yeah. I also felt very connected to it and inspired by her story. And I hope her story and the film is going to resonate with young girls all over the world. It’s also the kind of story that is very much in keeping with the spirit of the time and I hope it keeps up the momentum.

I also think that seeing Aladdin supporting her is also a very important lesson for boys, too, and sets a great example.

Q: Did you draw any particular inspiration from other great musical actresses of the past when you were playing Jasmine?

SCOTT: Not really. For me, my inspiration, the tools and the energy to play her, came from the idea that there are so many women’s stories that I know and that I have heard, stories of strength and resilience about women who have spoken out and been shut down

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