Reese Witherspoon interview: Big Little Lies

“When I think about what women have to contribute to film, it’s just infinite, and it’s just beginning to open up. It’s really beautiful, I’m very proud.”

Big Little Lies was an entertainment game-changer; star and producer Reese Witherspoon chats about the sophomore season, why the show means so much to women everywhere, and how she is taking control…


Q:  You are now in the midst of a whole new chapter in your career as both actress and producer.  How does it feel?

 WITHERSPOON:  It’s an amazing time for me.  If you work hard you can change so many things in your life.  It’s to become complacent over the years, sit back, and wait for the phone to ring with a new job offer and simply accept it.

But that’s not good enough for me. I love being active, and even more so, working with people who are working in the same direction as I am.

 Q:  Do you see yourself as a leader among women in Hollywood who want to bring change to the industry?

 WITHERSPOON:  I feel like I’m on a mission. It’s my main goal to create more female driven projects and give more opportunities to women at every level. I started producing five years ago because I was so frustrated and infuriated by the lack of good roles for women and watching so many talented women playing wives or girlfriends or stupid women.  That’s what motivated me to get Big Little Lies made.  That series showed how we can create powerful dramas where women are presented as complex and intelligent and active individuals.

Q:  You must be proud of what you’ve accomplished as a producer with your company Pacific Standard and the enormous success of Big Little Lies?

 WITHERSPOON:  It’s been very satisfying.  I always believed that the novel would make for an incredible story that we were able to tell over the course of seven episodes on TV.  We wouldn’t have been able to have that kind of depth and character development had it been done as a film.

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