Sophie Turner interview: X-Men Dark Pheonix

“All the actors got a hand-drawn storyboard of their favourite or most important scene…in my case, it was the storyboard of Sansa’s last scene…”

As Game of Thrones comes to a record-breaking conclusion, Sophie Turner looks back on her journey from acting unknown to X-Men franchise lead, and what’s in store for her Thrones-free future…


Q: Sophie, this is a big step in your career. Did you feel the pressure of having this latest instalment in the X-Men franchise revolve around your character?

TURNER: There was a lot of pressure involved and I was pretty excited and scared when Simon [Kinberg, director and writer] met me for lunch and told me about Dark Phoenix. It’s both an incredible honour and a challenge for me to take on this responsibility.

Q: It’s quite something also for you to get to play two very striking female characters in Game of Thrones and now in your second appearance as Jean Grey?

TURNER: I really enjoyed playing strong female roles because especially in these times where there’s a growing women’s movement and female voices are being heard. Gender equality is an important issue and whenever we have a chance to present women as very vital and interesting characters that’s going to influence and empower young women everywhere.

I’ve always felt a natural attraction towards characters that reflect the importance and relevance of women in society and I want to keep playing all kinds of complex and powerful kinds of female characters. I’m very drawn to that.

Q: While working on GoT, did you know from the beginning that acting was going to be your destiny in life?

TURNER: I love the idea of waking up in the morning and getting to be someone else. Sansa was a dream role for me to grow up with and be able to learn so much about acting and myself in the process. I think of my time on GoT as this wonderful stepping stone that is going to open up so many opportunities for me and it already has.

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