Jet Set

“You’ve got places to be and people to see – and conventional air wares just won’t cut the mustard. For the epitome of elegant aerospace travel, the private jet is the only vehicle that guarantees speed, style and sophistication in spades.”

From the pintsized but plucky HondaJet to the gargantuan SkyYacht, the world of luxury private aeroplanes can be a tricky thing to negotiate. With more and more companies, however, unveiling creations that afford discerning owners complete creative control over the bespoke in-air opulence, creating a vehicle that suits your needs – be they personal or professional – has never been easier.

Whatever your budget, the luxury jet industry is constantly evolving, bringing new offerings onto the market that outstrip their predecessors in size, speed and style at every turn. Some come from brands with a long pedigree of creating high performance personal aeroplanes, whilst others are unique designs that combine top-of-the-range engineering with the latest in one-off aesthetics.


Selected Excerpts

But if internal comfort is wholly important, then there are very few jets in the business more suited to optimum comfort than the Bombardier Global 7000. With no less than four living spaces on top of a dedicated crew rest area, each available to customise in a seemingly endless variety of shades and textures, the Global 7000 takes full advantage of its hefty 111 foot length to transport up to 17 passengers in almost unrivalled luxury.

Even the Global 7000’s quadruple living quarters in all of their seemingly infinite furnishing combinations can’t quite compare to Embraer’s masterpiece collaboration with former Disney Imagineer Eddie Sutto. Taking the vast Embraer Lineage 1000E as its base, the Skyacht One is a business jet with a difference; namely, that the interior resembles the nautical elegance of classic wooden motor-yachts that cruised the French Riviera in the midst of the 1900s

There are few jets that can rival the Skyacht for sheer audacity, but Aerion’s planned Ca$158 million supersonic tri-jet the AS2 may well be one – providing you’re prepared to put aside the aero-nautical elegance in favour of sheer, unadulterated speed. Though still some years away, the Aerion AS2 has benefitted from some technological input from Airbus, and the two companies are hoping to announce the formal launch of the Mach-1.4 capable business jet by the end of 2016.



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