Keanu Reeves: Self Confessed Speed Demon – Content

The 52-year-old Keanu Reeves lives in Los Angeles. A long-time motorcycle aficionado, Keanu is also co-owner and founder of Arch Motorcycle Co., a California-based manufacturer of custom motorbikes that Reeves himself had a hand in designing to world-class specifications.


Q:  Keanu, your character’s dead dog in the original John Wick was a central element in the story.  Will any dogs die in the sequel?

REEVES: (Smiles) No, we don’t kill any dogs and for the record no humans were injured in the making of this movie, either.  John has a new dog, though.  Even though he doesn’t have a name John still feels a responsibility to the beast. This dog is a big factor in his world and it’s an important symbol because his (murdered) wife gave him the first dog.  The dog is part of his journey.

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