Keeping Mum

“On one point they speak with a common voice: that being a mother has been a profound experience that has changed their lives for the better.”

Being one of showbusiness’ leading ladies may mean you are exempt to some of life’s more trifling issues by virtue of your celebrity status, but it would be remiss to think that this quality of life negates all worries. Mothers who make their name in the entertainment world, for example, are no less worrisome, proud or just downright embarrassing than their non-celeb counterparts.

From Amy Adams to Salma Hayek, Mila Kunis to P!nk, the more fearless and fabulous of maternal performers share their personal experiences of motherhood – with the added pressure of living their lives in the perpetual glare of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs.


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Selected Excerpts

How do you think you’ve changed since becoming a mother and having a family to look after?

SALMA HAYEK: There’s nothing more beautiful in life than your family. I waited a long time to find that in my life and now that I have it I realise how important and fulfilling that life is for me.

Does motherhood affect the way your approach to certain characters?

EMILY BLUNT: What I’ve observed is that having a child makes you more emotionally aware and intense. You feel that you see things more closely and with greater awareness and intensity and that enlightens you both in person and as a performer.

You’ve written so much about anguish and the anger that you’ve felt in your life. Does motherhood help calm a lot of those feelings?

P!NK: It changes your energy, sure. I always had a lot of trouble with using the word happy to describe myself but not I can actually say it and not feel like I’m lying. It feels right. My daughter has totally changed my way of looking at life. Even when I was writing my last album, I didn’t feel like I needed a bottle of whiskey to help with that. Waking up in the morning with her is the most wonderful feeling there is.



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