Arnold Schwarzenegger – New Interview: ‘The Last Stand’.

Wearing a navy blue sports coat and grey trousers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 65, looks tanned and fit. In a good mood, he’s at the Four Seasons hotel to promote the action movie, The Last Stand. Starring opposite the comic actor, Johnny Knoxville, he talks today about his career and what life looks like today for the ex Governor of California of 8 years, who has returned to Hollywood.  Separated from Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years, they share custody of their four children, plus another son he fathered as the result of an affair he had with his housekeeper, an indiscretion which caused Shriver to leave him.

Q: It’s good to see you can have a joke at your own expense about getting older.

Please contact us for the full interview.  The Last Stand


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