Demi Moore’s ‘Loves & Hates’ – New Feature – ‘Rough Night’

LOS ANGELES – Once the hottest female star in Hollywood, Demi Moore has spent the last several years flying well below the radar. Following the end of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher in 2011, Moore was determined to begin a long process of looking inward as she rebuilt her private life.

“If you’re lucky and have a long career, you’re going to have enough good films to look back on with pride,” Moore said at the time. “Being famous or doing the biggest movies was never my goal. The most important thing to me was that I remain honest with myself in everything I do in life. I hope that what I leave behind me is authentic and honest. And that I can give people more than they have given me.”

Today, at age 54, Demi is looking more youthful and strikingly attractive than ever as she embarks on a new chapter in her career. This summer will see her play a wild supporting role in ROUGH NIGHT, the raunchy female-driven comedy co-starring Scarlett Johansson, Katherine McKinnon, Zoë Kravitz, Jillian Bell, and Ilana Glazer as five women enjoying a wild weekend in Miami.

When a male stripper dies in the house they’ve rented, Kravitz’s character “takes one for the team” by involving herself in a threesome with the next-door-neighbour swinger couple (Moore and Ty Burrell) whose house’s security camera may contain incriminating evidence. The resulting menage-a-trois is one of the highlights of a movie that attempts to duplicate a Hangover-style mood told from a female perspective.

Moore plays a sex-crazed woman who together with her husband (Ty Burrell) enjoys a ménage-a-trois with Kravitz’s character. Said Moore at the recent L.A. premiere of Rough Night:

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