Dido: New Interview – ‘The Girl That Got Away’

In this intimate interview over lunch at London´s upscale Ivy restaurant, British superstar DIDO talks about her 4-year break from the music industry, about settling down, getting married, becoming a mom, dealing with a hyperactive 18 month old son named Stanley, and enjoying a very reclusive private life. In addition to that she opens up about her new album THE GIRL THAT GOT AWAY, her work with Brian Eno and brother Rollo, her time with dance-pioneers Faithless, her passion for travelling and her obsession with Aloe Blacc, Gotye and The Jungle Book – in no particular order. Meet the phantom girl of pop.

Q: The last time we met was in sunny California when you had just finished “Safe Trip Home”, but were about to go back into the studio and record yet another album. What happened?

Please contact us for the full interview. UK only.




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