Joel Edgerton: “Don’t we all have very odd factions within our family, it’s unavoidable.” – It Comes At Night

A central theme running through Joel Edgerton’s new horror, ‘It Comes at Night’, amongst others, is the unknown unsettling dynamic within our own families. It’s something the Australian powerhouse admits, he can relate to. “Can’t we all,” he blusters. “Don’t we all have very odd factions within our family, it’s unavoidable.”

Care to elaborate on that, I ask. The 43 year-old chuckles with a sigh. “We don’t have enough time. But I could tell you some stories.” There’s an ease when chatting to Edgerton, like reconnecting with an old friend. It belies his gargantuan success which in recent years has seen him take on leading man duties in a string of critical hits from Loving to Midnight Special, Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby. He’s toyed with big budget blockbusterdom – Star Wars and Exodus: Gods and Kings but intelligent, thought-provoking scriptwriting usually tends to catch his attention.

Case in point, newcomer Trey Edward Schults’ quietly disturbing take on a post-apocalyptic world where man is being decimated by an unseen force. To go into too much detail is to ruin the premise. Joel plays Paul, an increasingly unhinged, desperate husband and father whose control over his family begins to slip when another family darken their isolated doorstep, looking for help. Are they the enemy? Will his humanity prevail? A psychological thrill ride, the film has done in the business in the States and is set to do the same on its international release.

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