Kirsten Dunst: “…And I will literally do anything she asks me too. Seriously.” – ‘The Beguiled’

After appearing in Woody Allen’s New York Stories at the tender age of seven, Kirsten Dunst has enjoyed a stunning career which has gone from blockbusters [Spiderman, Jumanji] to independent arthouse [Melancholia, Midnight Special, Crazy/Beautiful] and everything in between [Interview with a Vampire, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bring It on, Wimbledon, Fargo]. This list goes on and on. And she’s rarely put a foot wrong.

So how does the likeable 35 year-old star make such shrewd, smart decisions when it comes to her next job? “I can say that yes, I’m very particular,” she explains. “I won’t work on just anything. And if it comes to it, I will wait for that one special job to come. And I have waited. And I have no problem in waiting. These jobs are worth the wait.”

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