Matthew McConaughey; “It’s a dark tale of Christianity. It is.” – The Dark Tower.

NEW YORK – It’s only fitting that Texas native Matthew McConaughey finally gets to unleash his inner gunslinger in THE DARK TOWER, an epic western based on the original Stephen King novels. Up close and in person, McConaughey thrives on adding a level of showmanship and elan to his conversation with you. His eyes light up when a question arouses his curiosity, and it’s that same relentless, restless spirit that gives him that unmistakable movier star aura.

The Dark Tower stars McConaughey as The Man in Black (aka Walter Padick), a mysterious figure whose destructive agenda brings him in eternal conflict with The Gunslinger (aka Roland Deschain), played by Idris Elba.

The highly anticipated summer blockbuster will likely help McConaughey overcome the tepid reaction to his latest two movies, Gold and Free State of Jones, both of which died at the box-office. For his part, the Oscar-winning actor was highly enthused by his work on The Dark Tower and had several conversations with Stephen King himself in preparation for the role.

“(Stephen and I) spoke about how Walter has the world by a string and he always has a half-cocked smile on his face about it,” McConaughey, 47, revealed earlier this year….He sees himself as the minister of truth.”

Added McConaughey: “It’s a dark tale of Christianity, it is. The epic, mythical battle of good versus evil. There’s multiple worlds happening, that you can inhabit simultaneously and you will see myself, (Walter) and Idris (The Gunslinger) go head to head.”

One of the interesting elements concerning the conflict between these two arch rivals is that Elba’s Gunslinger character has great respect towards McConaughey’s villain. Revealed Elba:

“Both want to conquer a world they still know little about. Roland hates Walter, and yet instead of feeling anger or resentment, he has an almost reverent attitude towards him.”

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