Mischa Barton Interview: ‘A Resurrection’.

HOLLYWOOD—Mischa Barton first garnered international fame as the little girl hiding under Haley Joel Osment’s bed in M. Night Shyamalan’s supernatural drama “The Sixth Sense,” and she has enjoyed a steady, though not stellar career, in show business ever since.

The 27-year-old London native has gotten more ink in recent years for her off-screen dramas—a DUI arrest, an involuntary psychiatric hold, disputes over rent and medical bills—than for her acting. Yet the doe-eyed beauty soldiers on.

She currently stars in the low-budget horror movie “A Resurrection,” in which she plays a high school guidance counselor assigned to deal with a student, who obviously is disturbed over his older brother’s recent death. The boy insists that his sibling was murdered by a gang of kids, but his account, and some strange goings on at the school, don’t quite add up. As she delves deeper into the incident, she discovers there is a supernatural element involved, which could lead to more bloodshed unless she can get to the bottom of it first.

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