Robert Downey Jnr: ‘Iron Man 3’

LOS ANGELES – Robert Downey Jr. hates the idea that people might find him to be overly smug and
satisfied with how things have turned for him. But he admits that he can’t help but feel that he’s in a
great place. It’s been a decade since he fell in love with Susan Levin, the L.A. film producer who became
his wife and saviour. Thanks to her stabilizing influence, Downey Jr has long since left the “toxic
wasteland” of addiction and is now one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors thanks to the strength of
his Iron Man franchise and last year’s billion-dollar grossing The Avengers. He and Susan are also proud
parents to a 13-month-old baby boy, Exton, whose birth marks yet another milestone in RDJr’s spiritual

“It’s one more step forward for me,” Downey Jr. says. “I’ve been on a much more beautiful path than I
ever imagined and this is yet another exciting part of that journey. I don’t even spend much time trying
to figure it all out – I have a wonderful wife, baby, and a real life away from the cameras.”

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