The Bond actor remained affable and witty, even as failing health robbed him of skiing, fast cars and martinis. Family friend Chrissy Iley recalls a star who made everything seem easy.

Of course Roger Moore was my favourite Bond. He was just so naughty and so funny. So wrong it was right. Just look at any clip of Moore saying the word Octopussy. The innuendo is always perfect. He told me once an American television interviewer was struck dumb. “You could feel their little mouths curling up in the control room when I was live on the 5 o’clock NBC news, but it didn’t occur to me that I’d said anything wrong. There’s an extra twinkle. Of course he knew what he was doing but Moore’s Bond had an innocence as well as a bravado.  His Bond liked to unzip ladies dresses with his magnetic pen. “Daniel Craig had more action in the first 30 seconds of Casino Royale than I had in 30 years. Oi don’t think there’s any need for Bond Girls with Daniel Craig. You know I’m not gay but I don’t seem to look at anybody else when I see he’s onscreen.  He always used to say his Bond was a lover not a fighter.


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