Zendaya: New Interview “Sixteen years-old, first date and its Spiderman. And now I’m in Spiderman. Is that not meant to be?”

As we meet today, I’m struck by her poise and confidence, vastly wise beyond her years. Highlighting her stunning dimpled features with a simple slicked-back do and showcasing her unique style with a bumble-bee sweater, Zendaya plays the role of an assured, A-lister which an army of devoted followers, with aplomb. Makes sense she won the lead in the latest Spiderman saga, a superstar vehicle for a superstar in training.

Playing opposite fellow newbie, Tom Holland, she’s Michelle, a mysterious sarcastic high-schooler who offers a unique perspective of the world while our Peter Parker struggles with his arachnid development. Insiders have long-rumbled the star is really taking on the role of Spidey’s long term love interest, Mary Jane but in true professional form, Zendaya deflects and dodges these queries with the skill of a seasoned vet.

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