Sienna Miller Interview: Hello Magazine “I had a baby and turned 30 and people were like, oh she’s an actor.”

Sienna Miller immediately shivers when she enters the room.  “It’s freezing in here,” she says, rubbing her hands together. “Could the budget not factor in some heating?”

Considering her legacy as a much desired movie star, heralded and harangued for her romantic dalliances and her lusted after style, not to mention her crusade against the press during the Levenson Inquiry, I half expected the

35 year-old to be starchy and guarded.

But this introduction gives way to a warm, affable character, fluid and at ease in her surroundings.

The fashion is still intact – represented by a navy long sleeved top and high-waisted brown suede cigarette pants and clashing dark heels. She glows as her glossy mane rests comfortably on her shoulders.

But Miller exhibits a new attitude, where concentration on her aesthetics or her relationships offer little concern.

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