Steven Spielberg – Exclusive: “I wanted to be an actor but I was terrible.” – ‘Ready Player One.’

Before he became the cinematic icon filmmaker of countless classics – Jaws, E.T, Close Encounters, Schindlers List, Jurassic Park to name but a small few – Steven Spielberg had dreams of making it in front of the camera as an actor.

There was just one flaw, however – he had no thespian talent. But as life tends to often work out, there was a shiny silver lining.

“I wanted to be an actor but I was terrible,” he tells me enthusiastically. “I was so bad. It never came naturally to me, a total dead end. But you know, three years in acting school, is funnily enough, where I learned to direct.”

As polished and warm as one could ever expect, Steven has a Father Christmas, kindly granddad quality that everyone finds irresistible.

All the more heightened with a Robin Williamseque Dead Poets Society inspired outfit of tweed jacket, check tie and red sweater underneath. And those softening, wise specs.

Spielberg is a really really lovely interviewee. Open, frank, honest, he gives the people what they want. But he’s also prone to paragraph-long answers and in a brief space of time allotted, one must choose their questions carefully.

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