Imogen Poots Q&A / I Know This Much is True

Imogen Poots has been able to build an impressive career without drawing a lot of attention to herself. And she prefers it that way. While the 30-year-old Poots is delightfully upbeat and enthusiastic in person, she is very earnest when it comes to her work. The British actress loves to dissolve into each of her characters and has never been concerned about strategising when it comes to her career or trying to become a star.

While gaining recognition in 28 Weeks Later (her breakthrough performance), Jane Eyre, The Look of Love (opposite Steve Coogan), That Awkward Moment (with Zac Efron), Need for Speed, and A Long Way Down (based on the Nick Hornby novel), Poots has also worked with many acclaimed directors including Richard Linklater, Cary Fukinaga, Michael Winterbottom, Jeremy Saulnier, Peter Bogdanovich, and Terrence Malick.

Last month saw the VOD launch of her new film, VIVARIUM, a bleak sci-fi thriller in which she and co-star Jesse Eisenberg find themselves unexpectedly living in a state of total isolation that is a compelling metaphor for our coronavirus nightmare. Poots plays Gemma, who, together with her partner, Tom (Jesse Eisenberg), become prisoners of a suburban housing development in which they survive on food rations and supplies that are mysteriously provided for them.

“Hopefully, people will feel catharsis,” said Poots. “Maybe through Vivarium [audiences] will be able to feel less alone with the isolation. There’s certainly a lot of familiar scenes in the film that we are all experiencing now. I hope it isn’t too heavy. I do think there is some dark, dark humour in the film.”

Now she’s about to co-star in the highly anticipated HBO limited series, I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE, in which Mark Ruffalo plays a man trying to help his identical twin brother, a paranoid schizophrenic, find some peace in life while struggling to have him released from a mental asylum…

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