Naomie Harris / The Third Day

Naomie Harris seems destined to play characters in dire straits or are otherwise forced to live in extreme situations.  She first gained attention as a post-apocalyptic survivor (28 Days Later), followed by a turn as a voodoo witch in Pirates of the Caribbean, ultimately landing the coveted role of a woke Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise (Skyfall, Spectre, and the upcoming No Time to Die).  Then came her career-defining role as Paula, a young boy’s drug-addicted single mother in Moonlight, the Oscar winning film that also earned a supporting actress nomination for the London-born Harris.

Now the 31-year-old London-born Harris is about to be seen opposite Jude Law in the new HBO/Sky TV series THE THIRD DAY, set for release on May 11th.  Set on a remote island off the coast of Britain, this intensely atmospheric drama is reminiscent of The Wicker Man where the local and possibly sinister population is bent on guarding its secrets.  Divided into two three-part halves, Law and Harris play outsiders who each in their own way struggle to separate phantasy from reality in a highly dystopian setting.

“I like stories that challenge your imagination and take you into strange worlds,”  Harris said.  “It’s part of the fascination that actors have with the work we do – you love finding yourself living out your characters’ journeys.”

Harris was especially glad to have the chance to work with Law, someone whose work she has long admired and was then delighted to discover how generous he was on set: “I’d heard really great things about him in the industry, but he is just such a great human being, with a great work ethic,” she said.

Later this year, assuming the coronavirus stops short of the epic catastrophe she once visited in 28 Days Later, Harris returns for the third time to her role as Moneypenny in No Time to Die.  The 25th instalment in the Bond franchise, the film marks Craig’s fifth and final turn as 007 and co-stars Ana de Armas as the latest “Bond Girl”…

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