Sandra Oh / Killing Eve S3

You didn’t really think that Eve Polastri dies at the end of last season’s concluding cliff-hanger episode of Killing Eve, did you? At the end of Season 2, Sandra Oh‘s character is left lying lifeless amid the Italian ruins after being shot by arch nemesis/frenemy Villanelle. Although the producers of the series might be forgiven for trying to stir frantic viewer speculation over Eve’s fate, there was never any question of killing off half of the most infamous female duo in television history. And in an interview last summer, Oh confirmed – hardly a spoiler – that she would indeed be returning to the title role:

“Obviously I didn’t die. [Season 3] is basically about coming back after that, emotionally,” she revealed.

The critically acclaimed spy drama, which sees Oh play an MI5 agent hunting down a psychopathic assassin (Jodie Comer) who in turn becomes obsessed with her, marks yet another personal and professional triumph for the 48-year-old Canadian actress of Korean descent. In Season 2, audiences had a chance to see some darker sides emerge within Eve’s character.

“Eve is fascinated with Villanelle who is committing these terrible crimes and doing so with flair and without remorse, she’s strangely drawn to that,” Oh explains. “But I think as her relationship with Villanelle continues to grow, as she searches for this killer, she really discovers what’s inside of herself.”

Season 3 leaves us anxious to see how new series writer and showrunner, Suzanne Heathcote (Fear the Walking Dead), manages to up the ante between Sandra Oh and co-star Jodie Comer (Villanelle) over the course of the new set of eight episodes set to begin streaming on Sunday, April 26th worldwide.

Season 1 writer and showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge is confident though that Heathcoate will add new layers and challenges for both Oh and Comer as they continue their twisted cat-and-mouse game.

“I’m very excited that the Killing Eve baton is being passed onto another incredible writer for season 3,” said Waller-Bridge. “We can sleep soundly knowing these characters are safe in Suzanne Heathcote’s hilariously murderous hands”…

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