Emily Blunt / A Quiet Place: Part II

Emily Blunt has a devilish laugh to match her ebullient personality. The lithe British beauty is a sassy, happy-go-lucky woman whose spirit is infectious to anyone who has the good fortune to make her acquaintance. She loves to go wild at karaoke bars where she admits to occasionally having had “a few” too many drinks while belting out pop songs with considerable panache.

Meanwhile, Blunt’s film career is soaring, having earned rave reviews for her work in recent films such as Mary Poppins Returns, The Girl on the Train, and of course, A Quiet Place. The latter sci-fi film, directed, written by and co-starring her husband John Krasinski, was a massive sleeper hit, earning $350 million worldwide and huge profits given its extremely low budget of $17 million. Inevitably, Paramount, the studio that financed the 2018 original, asked Krasinski to come up with a sequel.

Now audiences are about to see Blunt in A QUIET PLACE: PART 2, seeing her return to her role as Evelyn Abbott and the eerie apocalyptic world where she and her two children must once again struggle against the mysterious, ravenous aliens who rely on their heightened sense of hearing to track down their human prey. Although Evelyn’s husband Lee (played by Krasinski) dies in the original, audiences will be desperately anxious to see how the Abbott family (joined now by Cillian Murphy) copes in the hostile environment. Interestingly, neither Krasinksi nor Blunt had originally anticipated the possibility of a sequel, but the success of the original led Paramount make them an offer they couldn’t refuse:

“We were aware that the studio was probably going to make a sequel, with or without us,” Blunt explained. “There was a sense of protection of this baby that John had created. And I think that ultimately he was always going to maybe grandfather the next one – but we were both very steadfast about not being involved. And then all of that mad reaction [to the first film] happened and he was suddenly like, ‘I have an idea. I don’t know. It’s just a beginning of an idea…'”

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