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Kelly Preston Exclusive: “She gave me her rings, her wedding ring, to wear. She told me everything…” – ‘Gotti’

For some people, Kelly Preston may just be John Travolta’s wife. And the fact that she’s never achieved the same amount of superstardom and has ‘only’ been cast as a supporting player (his spouse) in the mafia biopic Gotti seems to emphasize this. But during this conversation in the Carlton Hotel in Cannes it becomes […]

Who are Hollywood’s Top Ten Golfers? New Content!

Golf has long been the sport of choice in Hollywood. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were two of the most legendary show business figures who helped popularise the game in the post-WWII era and sponsored their own signature tournaments.  They introduced the concept of the Pro-Am tournament and the annual Bob Hope Desert Classic at […]

Amy Adams Interview: ” I remember a point where I was feeling very discouraged about not getting enough work…” – ‘Sharp Objects’

Amy Adams is in a particularly upbeat mood these days.  She’s recently wrapped work on her new HBO limited series, Sharp Objects, and she is also the proud recipient of the 31st American Cinematheque Award in honor of her body of work.  It’s quite a distinction given that Adams is only 43 and she feels […]

World Cup 2018! Make sure you contact us for World Cup Interviews and Features. Get in touch!

WORLD CUP 2018 – exclusive interviews, features, images & more… There are only 23 days to go until the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia, and Viva Press is pleased to offer a wide selection of footballing content delivered exclusively for your title. From interviews with high-profile sportsmen to bespoke features looking at every […]

Daniel Glover Interview: “I watched some 70s films. To get the context of Lando then and why he was cool then. He is still very cool…”

Mellow – that’s a way to describe Donald Glover, even though he bears the burden of one of the most iconic roles in the Star Wars universe and is now in the centre of an international media whirlwind thanks to his provocative This is America video. But the 35-year-old, clad in comfy beige sweater and […]

Rachel Weisz: “It was about friendship…and erotic love.” – ‘Disobedience’.

“They are two very different kinds of women yet they found love together even though that’s something very difficult to find even under normal circumstances. But in their case, it’s much more complicated because you can’t be gay if you live in that world and you can’t express that side of yourself.” “I’ve never played […]

Gwyneth Paltrow: “I can’t believe we have a magazine. It’s really cool just to be able to hold it and for it to be a physical representation of goop. It’s pretty great.”

NEW YORK –  Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  After being a tabloid target for most of her adult life, she’s developed a thick skin when it comes to haters and internet trolls.  Yes, she tries too hard.  Yes, she gives advice no matter what the potential media backlash.  And yes, she probably […]

Gemma Arterton: “Well, sometimes I’ll get, ‘aren’t you that Gemma Artherton. To which can always say, ‘No’ and walk on.” – ‘The Escape’

Gemma Arterton Despite those trademark cheekbones and perfect pout, Gemma Arterton’s employs a chameleonic quality throughout her movies.  In last year’s Their Finest, she played a buttoned-up WW2 clerk; in Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices, a decapitated head with attitude and Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, a centuries-old corseted vampire. So it’s fair to say, the 332-year-oldstar likes to change […]

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