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Interviews Pending:

Anna Kendrick, Kelsey Grammer, Ewan McGregor, Dominic West, Alicia Vikander, Adam Driver, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Sigourney Weaver, Oliver Bell, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, Cobie Smulders, Jake Gyllenhaal

October 14th

Felicity Jones, Tom Hanks, Ben Foster, Dan Brown

Andy Samberg, Keegan-Michael Key, Kelsey Grammer

October 20th

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders

October 21st

Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand

Queen of Katwe
David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o, Madina Nalwanga

October 25th

Doctor Strange
Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen

October 28th

Keeping Up with the Joneses
Isla Fisher, Gal Gadot, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis


Benedict Cumberbatch Interview – Dr Strange – “I’ve played clever people before, and arrogant – but he’s American, he’s materialistic, he’s sociopathic”

Benedict Cumberbatch EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW In a navy sweater and jeans, looking tanned but hassled, Benedict Cumberbatch enters the room and immediately apologizes. “I’m sorry if I smell like breakfast food, I had about two seconds to wolf it down there.” THE INTERVIEW Q: Do you care about career moves? CUMBERBATCH: No, no , it’s about me giving […]

Jennifer Connelly Interview – American Pastoral – “My kids are the most important figures in my life”

Jennifer Connelly EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW When I interviewed her husband, Avengers star Paul Bettany earlier this year, he said she’d make the perfect superhero.  But Jennifer Connelly isn’t quite so sure. THE INTERVIEW Q:Did you try to put yourself in her shoes with losing Merry, and was that difficult as a mother? CONNELLY: As a mother myself, […]

Karlie Kloss Interview – “I want to be the best version of myself”

Karlie Kloss EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW If an aspiring businesswoman ever needed a role model for successful branding, she should look no further than Karlie Kloss.  At age 24, the American supermodel has set the fashion world on fire of late with nearly 40 Vogue covers to her credit, established a massive social network presence, and is unofficially […]

Amy Adams Interview – Nocturnal Animals – “I’m contented and comfortable with who I am, I’m not trying to meet expectation”

Amy Adams EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW Amy Adam’s world is spinning right now. She’s been doing the festival trail for her latest movies Nocturnal Animals and Arrival and taken in all the big hitters; Toronto, Telluride, Venice and London in the space of six weeks. THE INTERVIEW Q: The roles you’re getting recently seem to be the best […]

Ewan McGregor Interview – American Pastoral – “There’s no director I want to be like”

Ewan McGregor EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW He may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood since his breakthrough 20 years ago in Trainspotting but the 45-year-old Scot never fails to disarm in person. Perennially likeable in company, he answers openly and broadly, rarely projecting a stiff vibe – although maybe he’s just that good an actor. THE INTERVIEW […]

Loves & Hates – Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Check out Ryan Gosling loves and hates in the new Woman & Home issue.

Jon Hamm Interview – Keeping Up With The Joneses – “That’s my excuse for everything, I’m old”

Jon Hamm EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW Jon Hamm is widely known around the world as a Hollywood sex symbol. The unmistakeable square-jaw, that hulking frame, those twinkling eyes – the man is an Adonis. Though he fails to see it that way. “If people saw me in my sweats, picking up the dog’s crap off the sidewalk, that whole […]

Oliver Bell Interview – “I don’t know if I want to become a racing driver… I like what I’m doing now”

Oliver Bell A CHILD STAR IN THE FAST LANE – ‘WESTWORLD’ ‘SALEM’ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PREVIEW When you’re the grandson of a five-time Le Mans winner, there’s plenty of temptation to carry on in the family tradition.  Still only 12, Oliver Bell admits that his grandfather Derek has given him plenty of inspiration to compete at the highest […]

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