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April 28th

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Sylvester Stallone, Bradley Cooper, Kurt Russell, Nathan Fillion, Glenn Close

The Promise
Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Angela Sarafyan, Charlotte Le Bon, Jean Reno, Tom Hollander

May 5th

A Dog’s Purpose
Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad, Peggy Lipton, K.J. Apa

Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, John Malkovich, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette

Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney

May 12th

Alien: Covenant
Michael Fassbender, James Franco, Katherine Waterston, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce

The Last Face
Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem, Jared Harris, Jean Reno

Miss Sloane
Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, John Lithgow,  Alison Pill, Sam Waterston


Do It Like Dolph: “Sometimes you force yourself to do too much.”

“I’ve fought some big guys. It has to do with size. In a movie I did called I Come In Peace in 1990, there was this East German Olympic athlete who plays an alien, and he was 7ft tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds…he could just pick you up and toss you somewhere!” In this […]

Amanda Seyfried Interview: “I have this fear of confronting people…” – The Last Word

LOS ANGELES – Amanda Seyfried has a tough time staying calm. Her battles with anxiety attacks and OCD have bedevilled her for most of her life. But today she’s in a state of happy anticipation promoting her new film THE LAST WORD a scant three weeks before she would give birth to her first child. […]

Emilia Clarke: “I believe this season is gonna be a Mindblower!” – Game of Thrones 7

With her celestial beauty, sensual aura, and capacity for mass destruction, Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen has gained a worldwide following as one of the principal players on Game of Thrones. Oh, there may be those whose hearts quiver at the sight of Kit Harington as Jon Snow or suffer with Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister, […]

Chris Pratt – Exclusive – “I’m going to retire and get fat.” Guardians 2

Hence his plans for old age. Fun, friendly and a fiercely decent human being, he chats about quest for the body beautiful and why it doesn’t matter in the long run. Promoting the latest Guardians saga, which sees the crew doing battle with another colossal threat to the universe, Pratt chats Peter Quill’s evolution, expectations […]

Zoe Saldana – Exclusive – “I haven’t slept in 2 years.” – Guardians of The Galaxy 2

Zoe Saldana breathes a huge sigh of relief on mention of the upcoming third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which director James Gunn only revealed the day before. “It’s the greatest,” she squeals. “To be promoting the second, knowing there’s going to be a third, it’s an amazing validation.” Like there was ever any doubt. […]

Exclusive – Christian Bale: “Doing interviews at 13, I’m so off with that…” The Promise

There’s a level of anxiety before an interview with Christian Bale. The man formerly known as The Dark Knight has been notorious in the past for refusing to cooperate in press junkets. And then there’s his famous temper to consider, best seen, or rather heard, during THAT blow-up on the set of Terminator Salvation.  He […]

Justin Theroux Interview: “She’s a crazy talented actress…” – The Leftovers

Justin Theroux’s on a rant. Not about the dogged paparazzi chase of him and his wife, Jennifer Aniston or of the constant scrutiny into their lives. Not even about the end of his HBO series, The Leftovers, which we meet to chat about today.  It’s rather, the spoiler alert society we live in. And apparently […]

Kathering Heigl Interview: “I have never been that crazy ex, as far as I’m aware!” – Unforgettable

Known for her lovably fluffy roles in Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl goes completely against type as a deranged ex-wife intent on ruining her estranged husband’s new relationship in Unforgettable. Has the star ever experienced anything similar in real-life? “I have never been that crazy ex as far as I’m […]

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